Energize your board and take your organization to the next level. This series will give you the fundamentals for a high-performing board focused on strategy, innovation, diversity and accountability.

Have you always wanted to collaborate with Western, but never found the right door? This is your chance to access the keys of information!

Are you considering a career in the nonprofit sector? Already working in the nonprofit sector and looking to explore other options? ...
Energize your board and take your organization to the next level.  This series will give you the fundamentals for a high-performing...
____________ This workshop is part of a 4 part series called All About Boards. For more information and to register for the entire...

Andre Vashist has just returned from the Social Innovation Residency with an incredible amount of hope, as a recipient of incredible gifts of wisdom. His blog is a reflection of this journey so far, and his opporutnity to share these gifts with you. Read on for some inspiration and great resources on Social Innovation and stay tuned for Pillar’s Systems Thinking Exchange and Workshop coming soon.

Pillar Nonprofit Network is doing public policy work locally, provincially and nationally. Learn more about our public policy focus areas and what we're doing in 2017-18.

The Ontario Impact Measurement Task Force cultivated an Action Plan for Ontario social enterprises that recommended there needs to be a common way to measure impact in Ontario—essential for the future of social entrepreneurship.


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